What is Strength Training and Why is it Important?

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8 Ways Strength Training Improves Your Health

Daily strength training:

  1. Assists in weight loss.
  2. Enriches heart health.
  3. Strengthens bone density.
  4. Lessens joint pain.
  5. Lowers blood pressure.
  6. Boosts your metabolism.
  7. Adds lean muscle.
  8. Helps you look and feel better! (1)
Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping strength training 

Helps Prevent Muscle Loss as You Age

Staying active becomes even more important as we get older. A middle-aged adult will lose an average of 3 percent of their muscle mass year-over-year. (2) This degenerative loss of muscle mass is called sarcopenia. (The literal interpretation of sarcopenia is “loss of flesh.”) Sarcopenia is a “use it or lose it” case.

If you don’t test your muscles to grow stronger, they will ultimately deteriorate. Living a sedentary lifestyle enhances your likelihood of ending up with sarcopenia. This loss of muscle covers diminished quality of muscle tissue, strength, and flexibility. (3)

Helps Prevent Osteoporosis and Builds Bone Density

For women, routine strength training becomes even more important. Women naturally have more petite, thinner bones than men; and at the age of 30, women’s bone density is at its strongest. As women get older, estrogen levels decline, bringing about further decreased bone strength, (4) which can result in osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease that decreases the quality and concentration of your bones. (The actual meaning of osteoporosis is “porous bone.”) Bones are similar to your muscles–if you don’t challenge your bones to grow stronger, they become weak.

But the good news is, strength training adds bone density and develops strong muscles! Regular strength training, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, can help stop osteoporosis and fight sarcopenia–and in some cases, even reverse it! (5)

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Combats Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Not only is strength training crucial for a strong, healthy body–but it gives many mental health benefits too! Studies show that strength training, even two days per week, helps cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. (6) Not only can strength training contribute to peace of mind, but it also enhances self-confidence and helps develop a healthy body image.

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The most significant component of strength training is to find an activity you like and staying with it! At Farrell’s of Bloomington, our certified instructors lead strength training classes three days per week, switching upper and lower body days to give your muscles sufficient time to recover. Try a free week today and find out how you can burn fat, build muscle, and boost your confidence with Farrell’s!

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